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Capcom announces Demento

A new PS2 horror adventure about a girl and her dog. (And the giant chasing them.)

As promised yesterday, Capcom has revealed a few details of the secret project it's announcing at the Tokyo Game Show this week. Called Demento, it's a new horror adventure for the PlayStation 2 reportedly reminiscent of the Clock Tower series.

The website that featured a teaser page yesterday now features a similarly teasing trailer with scenes from the game, which stars a young lady called Fiona, who will be accompanied by her pet dog Hewie as she traverses a seemingly deserted mansion.

It's hardly that, of course - she's actually pursued by a giant creature called Debilitas - but for the moment that's more or less all we know. Expect to hear more specifics on Demento, and perhaps a release date, from the Tokyo Game Show in the near future.

In the meantime, check out the slightly eerie trailer here.

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