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Uwe Boll options Far Cry

He used to be indecisive.

German filmmaking loony Uwe Boll has optioned yet another videogame for movie adaptation. Actually, it's difficult to describe Dr. Boll as a filmmaker just yet - he owns a lot of options, but his House of the Dead qualifies as a film only by the skin of its rotting teeth, while his Alone in the Dark picture isn't finished yet.

Still, when he's done with the Christian Slater/AOTD adaptation, he's got a wealth of options to pick from for his next outing, and the latest of those according to Cinescape is Crytek's forthcoming first-person shooter Far Cry, which plonks a forgetful lead on an island paradise and shoots at them quite a lot.

Far Cry is expected to begin shooting on a $25 million budget in 2005, but not much is known about the status of any of Boll's other film options, including BloodRayne, Hunter: The Reckoning, Dungeon Siege, and most recently Fear Effect. Still, he's definitely got the makings of a B-movie horror career sprawled out in front of him.

Cuh. Bring on Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

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