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Return of the King demo, too

But who will be Lord of the Demos!?

Ah. Nothing like a good, leaked demo on a Monday morning, is there? The game itself is due out on November 7th, so the appearance of a demo (borrowed from the American PC Gamer cover CD) of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is quite well timed. And it's only 83MB! More than the 10MB maximum that we would sweat over back in the days of 33.6Kbps modems and Hexen II demos, mind, but these days our cable modems laugh in the face of 83MB...

Anyway, you can download the Return of the King demo from 3D Gamers and all the other usual suspects (you're bound to have a favourite by now anyway), and you'll be pleased to hear that the trial mission gives you control of Gandalf and his big stick of wizardry. We're looking forward to this one, which promises a bit less "Hobbits thrashing Orcs" and a bit more "Hobbits trying to avoid being brutally eviscerated by Orcs".

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