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CDV cans Sabotain and Psychotoxic

But are they really dead?

Embattled German publisher CDV has cancelled Psychotoxic: Gateway to Helland Sabotain: Fist of the Empire, it says, and postponed the next instalment in "erotic action" series Lula 3D until the beginning of 2004. No reason was given for the cancellations and Lula's delay.

However reports elsewhere on the web suggest that Psychotoxic at least is still alive and well. Adrenaline Vault sought clarification from developer Nuclear Vision, and a representative told them that the game has been delayed until February 2004, and that the name is also set to change. It seems unlikely that CDV will have much to do with it when it does pitch up - publishers don't generally announce that they've "cancelled" games if they plan to launch them in four months' time.

In better news for the publisher, World War II 'fans' (if such people exist) can expect to get their hands on Combat Mission 3: Afrika Korps around the end of November. The only other release expected from CDV this year is Halo-like first person shooter Breed, which is also due out in November. The publisher has several titles on the way in 2004.

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