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Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day.) Namco to exhibit new racer at TGS, Amuze's next-gen project, new SaGa RPG announced.

Namco is planning to exhibit a brand new racing game at the Tokyo Game Show this week, according to reports from Japan. Rune Racer is a free-roaming mission-based job set in fictional Prio City, where players will tackle missions along the lines of pick-up/drop-off, destroying targets, evading enemies and taxing people out of harm's way. What that harm is is impossible to say, but Namco is reportedly claiming the game will have the narrative depth of an RPG, with more than 50 missions in its story-driven scenario mode and a free roam option for people who just fancy popping out for a drive. The game is currently PS2 exclusive with no confirmed release date.

Swedish Headhunter: Redemption developer Amuze is working on a major new non-Headhunter project according to its website. Called "2006 Project" for now, it's a "hugely ambitious title being developed for next-generation gaming platforms," and you're encouraged to watch this space. Well, that space.

Square Enix designer Akitoshi Kawazu is working on a new title in the SaGa RPG series for the PS2, and plans to unveil it in detail at the Tokyo Game Show this week. Romancing SaGa Minstrel Song is due out in Japan next spring, and features fully 3D graphics for the first time - albeit with the same sort of art style judging by the few new characters from series artist Tomoni Kobayashi seen to date. Kawazu apparently considers this SaGa a kind of anthology of the series, borrowing lots of their best features, including some fairly familiar combat, although we'll have to wait to TGS to find out exactly what he means.

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