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Modder apologises for DS virus

In a rather angry fashion.

A modder going by the name of DarkFader has claimed responsibility for the Trojan virus which has been infecting Nintendo DS units of late.

A message on DarkFader's website reads: "I want to say sorry to everyone out there. I should have realized the impact, which was not just a few DS'es that were bricked, but all the damn mediahype.

"I cannot really justify my actions. It was also very selfish to draw some attention, which I tend to do in odd ways.

"I just had to realize the idea I had after seeing the PSP variant of a bricker," DarkFader explains, adding rather sinisterly that some of those people affected were "targetted".

As for those who reckon DarkFader can stick that apology where even the DS's dual backlights don't shine: "Then screw you because you're probably just another ROM pirate or someone that just doesn't need an apology because one is not affected but still likes to meddle with it."

DarkFader has now been "abandoned" by the DS homebrew scene, apparently, but promises not to "Release any more of this crap for DS and I don't think parts of this trojan or the idea itself will emerge in future homebrew releases."

And the modder has a few words of wisdom for us: "Do not run any form of untrusted code that just suddenly appears without any name. If you must run homebrew progams, please use a 'trusted' source.

"Trust is a relative thing, but I would not put harmful programs on my site. I could have stayed anonymously with the bricker, you know." And we're very grateful, oh yes.

DarkFader goes on to list a few fixing utilities, but we're not sure the person who invented the virus you're trying to cure counts as a "trusted source". If you've been affected your best bet is probably to ask around on forums, but that does involve admitting you tried to get hentai on your DS, of course.

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