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ICO dev commits to PS3

May do a PSP game, too.

As the battle of the next-gen consoles gets underway, Fumito Ueda - director, game designer and lead artist on ICO and the forthcoming Shadow of the Colossus - has confirmed his commitment to Sony's next-gen machine.

Speaking to Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation, Ueda said that his next game "Would, naturally, be on the PS3." But we could be waiting a long time for it - Ueda agreed that the three years he normally takes to knock out a game is too long, but said he feared that the extra complications with developing for next-gen consoles could mean it'll also take him ages to finish the new one.

Without offering any firm commitments Ueda did say we was interested in developing a PSP game, and that has wanted to do one for a while now. As for how it'll shape up - well, Ueda said he reckoned that his team was good at making games set in realistic worlds, but might take a different approach for PSP. For example, he suggested, the characters might feature giant heads.

Ueda said he's got lots for ideas for his next project, whichever platforms it appears on - but nothing which stands out and makes him think, "I definitely have to turn this into a game."

Not the most revealing of interviews, then... But we can't deny we're excited by the prospect of a Ueda game on PSP and/or PS3. You can read more about what the man has to say for himself by checking out our recent interview.

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