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Bungie addresses Halo 2 rumours

"We never mentioned bots. Not once. Except when we were saying, 'No, there's really not bots.'" More like that. Quite amusing.

Bungie has updated its official website with an amusing page that debunks a whole host of different Halo 2 related rumours, some of which are vaguely plausible but sadly untrue, and many of which are so obviously not true that the developer's tongue-in-cheek reactions more or less say it all.

There are lots of rumours on there, and it's certainly worth a read, but our favourite bits are probably the comment on bots ("We never mentioned bots. Not once. Except when we were saying, 'No, there's really no bots.'") and the reaction to the rumour that the Bungie.net clan and stat features will require a paid subscription.

They won't, of course, but Bungie reckons it cops the blame for this one spreading, admitting "we may or may not have run an April Fool's a few years back, claiming that Bungie.net was going to become subscription based, and offered subscribers access to our secret story bible, extra webcams and possibly mildly erotic massages from staff members."

For a full rundown on what sort of things won't be happening with Halo 2, however many times people jabber about them, consult the Bungie rumour rundown.

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