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Mehrunes' Razor released

Yet more Oblivion content.

The Mehrunes' Razor dungeon Bethesda trailed a fortnight ago for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has been released on PC and Xbox 360. It's $2.99 for the PC version, which requires a recent patch to work, and apparently costs 250 Microsoft points if you want to play through it on Xbox 360 - although I can't test that right now because my 360 keeps freezing up in disgust this morning.

As you'll know if you read about it last time, Mehrunes' Razor sees players taking on a big dungeon in the lost Ayleid city Varsa Baalim. The titular Razor is apparently an artefact that lets you kill people with one stroke.

(Or not because - THIS JUST IN - our "Oblivion correspondent" Paul Loughrey, who spends more time in-game than he does in-life (or at work actually - don't we have some sort of corporate structure for dealing with that?) has this to say about the Razor: "I finished Mehrunes' Razor last night. It doesn't even give one-hit kills, it's just a blade with magic abilities, and quite honestly not as good as some of the weapons I already have. I did finish it at about 2 this morning though, so maybe there's something I'm missing." Sleep, presumably. More from our roving reptile as and when his Xbox overheats and he has to fill the minutes by talking to us.)

Along with that, the Mehrunes' Razor pack features 17 new magic items and 12 new books, notes and journals to track your way through the back-story. There's more info and some shots of it in action over on OblivionDownloads.com, which is conveniently also the place you'll want to go if you fancy buying it.

Mehrunes' Razor is the fifth bit of downloadable content Bethesda's released for Oblivion, following the legendary Horse Armour, the Orrery, Wizard's Tower and Thieves' Den releases, all of which are available from the same place or downloadable for various amounts on Xbox Live Marketplace.

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