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War and Spore for mobiles

MOH, Battlefield on way.

EA is planning to bring Medal of Honor, Battlefield and Spore to mobile phones, EA Mobile senior veepee Mitch Lasky told a mobile games conference this week.

It's all about cementing the company's "leadership position", obviously - and the best way to do that, Lasky reckons, is working with EA's own intellectual property.

Lasky also mentioned Need For Speed and SOCOM games "in the pipeline", and while it's unclear if he was referring to games already released, it's certainly not hard to imagine that EA Mobile plans to roll out new versions of each, with Need For Speed Carbon in development for other platforms and SOCOM a continual chart success on PS2 and PSP in the States.

SOCOM isn't an EA title, you'll be quick to point out, but this being mobile things are a bit different. Having bought Jamdat last year, EA Mobile also handles things like Tetris, Doom RPG and Bejeweled.

And this certainly isn't the first time EA Mobile's talked about doing mobile things with its own IP either. That would be silly. Indeed, FIFA's already a mobile mainstay.

That's not to say EA doesn't have any new ideas, mind - having recently released a one-button EA Air Hockey title.

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