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TrackMania Sunrise demo

Race, Puzzle and Platform demo levels with multiplayer support to boot.

Digital Jesters has released a public demo of Nadeo's TrackMania Sunrise, which is due out in Europe this April. It's 210MB and you can get hold of it from Eurofiles.

The demo features single and multiplayer elements designed to show off how Nadeo has been able to expand the scale and detail of the game without losing track of its simple origins - as a piece-it-together-and-race-it style puzzle game, where the goal is to use available track pieces to come up with the most efficient track design and then race it to get the appropriate medals.

The Sunrise demo features classic Puzzle mode offerings, but it also includes a couple of Race tracks - more complex, Nadeo-made courses designed specifically to test your racing skills - and a couple of efforts from the brand new Platform mode, which uses the game's scale and simplicity and the gamey behaviour of the cars in flight to fashion mazes of huge jumps that demand Tony Hawk-esque feats of judgement and in-air composure.

The demo also features a number of multiplayer options, although some elements are understandably disabled. You'll get a very good idea of what the game's about though, and there's enough content here to last you several very entertaining hours.

The full game is out next month and we should have a review for you soon. For more on TrackMania Sunrise, check out our recent first impressions piece.

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