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No internal HD-DVD - MS blogs

Reports to the contrary disputed.

Microsoft's high profile blogging fraternity has once again disputed claims that the company is working on a revision of the Xbox 360 hardware that includes an internal HD-DVD drive.

Under a headline post on the Gamerscoreblog entitled "No Internal HD-DVD Plans", online community lead manager Tony Hynes said, "Rumours of a built-in HD-DVD sku are greatly exaggerated. We're proudly launching the HD-DVD Player as an accessory this holiday."

That comes in response to a claim in DigiTimes this week that Microsoft has secretly begun work on a hardware revision, and is seeking partners in Taiwan's optical disc industry to manufacture the drives.

Microsoft typically deals with these claims, which have persisted ever since it announced plans for an external HD-DVD drive, by refusing to comment on "rumour and speculation" at a PR level.

But its bloggers, including the likes of Xbox Live director Larry Hryb, are not discouraged from expressing their views - although they are disclaimed.

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