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Ghost Rider tie-in announced

It's got m0t0rb1k3s!

Troubled publisher Majesco Entertainment has announced plans to publish Ghost Rider on Xbox, PS2 and PSP next summer, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The game will tie in with the forthcoming Nicolas Cage movie, which is based on the Marvel comic books and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, who also took the helm for the big screen adaptation of Daredevil.

Ghost Rider follows the adventures of motorcycle stunt artist Johnny Blaze, who agrees to allow an evil spirit to possess his body in return for the life of his father. Problem is he then finds himself transformed nightly into a vengeful demon complete with serious anger management issues and a badass motorcycle.

The Ghost Rider has the ability to make you relive all the sins you've ever committed, times ten - and if you've been really bad you'll end up engulfed by the flames of your own naughtiness.

The game is being developed by UK studio Climax, whose previous games include Crash 'n' Burn and the Xbox version of Delta Force - Black Hawk Down. It's scripted by comic book writers Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti, with a storyline set immediately after the events in the movie.

Key members of the Climax team recently visited Australia to watch the film being shot and, according to Marvel's Ames Kirshen, "Came away with some great assets, both 2D and 3D, which have been crucial for us to accurately recreate Mark Steven Johnson's theatrical vision into a 3D interactive videogame world."

As a result we can expect a compelling game which offers "a unique combination of high-impact combat and motorcycle action infused with supernatural elements" - you'll get to take on villains Blackheart and Mephistopheles, use weapons like the Hellfire Chain and Hellfire Shotgun and ride the Hell Cycle across water and over huge gaps.

So far none of the film's cast - which includes Eva Mendes and Wes Bentley - have signed up to lend their voices or likenesses to the game.

Majesco must be hoping that Ghost Rider will reverse their fortunes after recent difficulties - CEO Carl Yankowski resigned earlier this week after poor game sales, sending share prices plummeting.

Although a cult brand Ghost Rider has a healthy fan base, with more than 45 million copies of the comic sold since it first appeared in 1972. Marvel is planning to release a new series of limited edition Ghost Rider comics next September.

A summer 2006 released is currently planned for both the Ghost Rider game and movie.

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