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Eurogamer and EA to kill readers

Battlefield 2. Next Thursday.

Eurogamer and Electronic Arts are happy to announce that next week we're going to kill you all. Or, more likely, you're going to kill all of us.

Next Thursday, 21st July, between 7pm and 9pm, those of you who own Battlefield 2 are invited to join us for a 32 versus 32 game on an official EA European server, where the likes of Kristan, Tom, Rob and others will be beating each other up to gain control of a helicopter.

Eurogamer staff will be teaming up with the far more skilled EA's UK staff, and you lot are encouraged to band together and blow chunks out of us as much as you possibly can. We expect you're quite good by now.

If successful, it's something we hope to repeat in future - on Battlefield 2 and quite possibly other games that we've been secretly practicing for months and months in the hope of not looking like total n00bs.

Specific details will be announced on the day, and obviously there will be a certain amount of turnover on the server at intervals to accommodate the huge numbers of people who want to shoot us in the head. It should be a fun event, and we hope you'll pop along if you're around and help us all get our war on.

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