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Speedway 3D launches on mob

Driving uptake.

Warsaw-based mobile games publisher and developer Breakpoint has announced the launch of Speedway 3D, offering a new gameplay experience with one of the company's most popular mobile racing titles.

Originally made available to mobile gamers a little over a year ago, the original Speedway title gained instant critical acclaim for its sense of speed, accurate integration of national cups, real-world tracks and professional racers.

Gamers can show off their achievements by uploading best lap times to Breakpoint's dedicated servers, and anyone in Europe can download the fastest times as a ghost rider, giving them opportunity to try and beat the best players and prove their skills in the leaderboards.

Featuring nine real-world tracks, three difficulty levels and two distinct gameplay modes, the high-speed bike racing game has been completely overhauled to offer an exciting 3D experience as seen through the eyes of the professional racers.

Speedway 3D will be available later this month for a wide selection of java-enabled handsets, and more information on the title can be found by visiting the Breakpoint Games website.

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