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New Raid Over the River details

More on Nibris's DS shooter.

Following yesterday's announcement that Nibris is developing DS title Raid Over the River, the Polish studio has shed a bit more light on what we can expect.

Apparently there are six campaigns to play through, and they all take place in different dimensions - including ancient Greece, Europe during World War II, Soviet Russia during the Cold War, present day USA, and Germany circa 2018. Oh, and Japan at some point in the "unspecified future."

You get a different vehicle for each location, and loads of weapons, such as sonic blasters and plasma cannons. You can also take on the enemy with intelligent missiles, particle blasters and gravity bombs - or even order a laser attack via satellite.

The vehicles have much more freedom of movement than those featured in traditional vertical shooters, apparently. They can rotate, nose dive and do barrel rolls, and each vehicle has a unique feature for dodging hits or increasing firepower.

The game will make use of both the touch screen and microphone, so you can use voice commands to launch special attacks. That's optional, though - you can just use the buttons if you'd rather.

Single-player modes available will be Story, Arcade, Dogfight and Survival. There will be a multiplayer co-op mode, plus a 'Special' mode and two others titled 'The Raid' and 'Raid Over the Galaxy'.

Raid Over the River is exclusively in development for the Nintendo DS and is due out in the first half of next year.

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Raid Over the River

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