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Send Steam games to friends

Guest Pass system to launch.

Valve has come up with a neat way for Steam users to introduce their friends to new games: they're going to, er, let Steam users introduce their friends to new games.

Yes - where previously you'd have to bring your mates round to show them how something looked, forward them YouTube links and generally flap your arms around at the pub, now you'll be able to use Steam Guest Passes to give them a time-limited trial of something you like.

The feature will be in closed beta later this week, so don't be alarmed if you see the button pop up in your copy of the application next time you fire it up. After that, Valve says it will allow Day of Defeat: Source owners to try it out - although it's not clear whether they mean DoD will be the only game you can offer at the start.

Either way, it sounds like a good idea to us. In a similar vein, I will be using a particular day this month to offer all my friends and relations special "gifts" as a means of spreading things I am fond of or have read about in the Argos catalogue.

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