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Halo 2 goes gold

"It's finished". Yes, we did tell you that last week. Bloody thing seems to go round in a big circle, dunnit?

Halo 2 has survived the rigours of Microsoft's quality assurance department and is on track for release on November 9th in North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, November 10th in France, Belgium and Switzerland and November 11th across the rest of Europe.

Last week developer Bungie confirmed that the game was finished in its weekly update, which promised to be the last on the basis that "there's no more updating on the progress of the game, since the game is done".

Halo 2, which features an extensive single-player campaign following the continued exploits of world-saving hero type the Master Chief, along with equally extensive Xbox Live multiplayer features that aim to harness the popularity of the original FPS's offline multiplayer options and expand them into something to dominate the Live landscape. Which, given the vast number of sales expected, shouldn't be too difficult. Indeed, it could become a real posterchild for the online service, which is already proving more popular with hardcore types than Sony's PS2 Online option.

Oh, and in case you haven't already, you can still pre-order Halo 2 from Simply Games, although it looks to us like the limited edition version has already sold out. We'll have more on Halo 2 very close to the game's release date.

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