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Two new EyeToy titles coming

Kung Fu and sports-themed.

Sony has announced that two new EyeToy titles are on the way - one that's designed to get you fit through the power of Kung Fu, and another that will turn your living room into a boxing ring, tennis court or one of those places where they do archery.

EyeToy: Kinetic Combat "fuses the martial arts teaching of Hung Gar Kung Fu with an holistic fitness programme," presenting you with your very own trainer (he's called Leon, which frankly doesn't sound very ninja to us) and sparring partners. The game uses "cutting edge Motion Matching technology" to track your moves, and if you muck it up, you'll be given constructive feedback.

More than 200 Hung Gar moves have been motion captured with the help of a real life Kung Fu supremo, and you can take part in more than 25 hours of classes with a training programme designed to run over 16 weeks. Apparently you'll not only get a thorough aerobic and anaerobic workout, but a proper grounding in Hung Gar Kung Fu.

There are four martial arts "zones" to choose from - Dragon offers an easy introduction to Kung Fu, while Tiger is all about cardiovascular fitness, Mantis focuses on agility and balance, and Phoenix brings it all together so you're pulling off fluid moves. To progress to the next zone, you'll need to defeat a virtual opponent in a sparring match.

Apparently it all takes place in "a variety of beautiful environments", accompanied by more than 70 hip hop, house and electro tunes.

If that all sounds like a bit too much effort, you might like to try EyeToy: Play Sports, which appears to be an altogether less serious affair. The game will offer more than 101 mini-games, with sports featured including tennis, surfing, archery, rowing, badminton, boxing, darts and sumo wrestling. There's also a selection of winter and motor sports, plus old favourites such as sack and egg and spoon races. Oh, and a load of football-based mini-games, too. The game will feature a choice of Team Modes for up to eight players.

EyeToy: Play Sports will be out in time for Christmas, but no release date has been announced for EyeToy: Kinetic Combat, or indeed EyeToy: Why Don't We Just Have A Nice Sit Down.

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