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Play Resident Evil 4 with a chainsaw

Swords, tanks, and now chainsaws; Capcom games get all the best peripherals, don't they?

Capcom games are no strangers to obscure peripherals. In fact, over the past year alone we've had the chance to slash at things in Onimusha 3 with a katana sword-based peripheral, and turn our lounge set-ups into walking mechanised robots thanks to Steel Battalion. But now it seems peripherals firm NubyTech has cut down the competition with some style; it's planning a chainsaw shaped peripheral for Resident Evil 4 on GameCube.

One of the most iconic enemies we've yet seen in Resident Evil 4 is the chainsaw-wielding type who can take Leon Kennedy's head clean off with a bit of effort, and NubyTech's latest creation draws clear inspiration from him - it's a chainsaw with the analogue sticks and face buttons located on the top and shoulder buttons hugging the exterior. We're not sure what materials Nuby plans to use, or whether the controller will be mounted somehow as it is in the concept picture you can see to the left, but either way we're certainly keen to get our hands round it.

After all, it is ludicrous, but don't try to tell us you don't want one. If you do, according to reports you should be able to get hold of one in early January.

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