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Wonder Woman thrown out of E3

Booth babes not welcome.

It seems the E3 organisers really are cracking down on the appearance of booth babes this year - they wouldn't even let international crimefighting superhero Wonder Woman into the show.

Well, a woman dressed as Wonder Woman, obviously. As you may recall, the ban on booth babes was first announced back in January, when E3 bigwigs declared that there were to be no "sexually explicit and/or sexually provocative" shenanigans on the show floor, "including but not limited to nudity, partial nudity and bathing suit bottoms."

A reporter from Kotaku was on hand to witness Wonder Woman's argument with security staff (and to take a photo, of course). Apparently Ms Woman attempted to defend herself by stating: "The rules say bikini bottom. This is not a bikini bottom!"

But the security men were having none of it, telling her: "It's not to code. Put something else on and we'll let you stay."

"I didn't bring anything else to wear!", Wonder Woman replied. It's not known why she didn't just do that spinny thing like on the telly.

So, never mind all those heated debates over the PS3's price point and the Wii controller and the picture of Peter Moore we've got on the front page at the moment, where do you stand on the REAL issue of the day? Should Wonder Woman have been thrown out? Or is this a clear case of sex discrimination - after all, would Superman have been given the same treatment? Perhaps all women attending next year's E3 could turn in up a Wonder Woman costume in protest? All right, both women. Anyway, get commenting!

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