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Hellboy's going next-gen

Konami confirms platforms.

Konami has confirmed that a new Hellboy game is currently in development for PS3, Xbox 360, PSP and mobile phones.

Apparently the game is based on the comic book series - there's no mention of it being a tie-in for the movie sequel that's out next year, which seems a little strange. You'll get to play as Hellboy as he attempts to defeat nutty old megalomaniac Hermann von Klempt, and there's also a co-op mode which will let your chums play as other characters from the comics such as Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman.

There are six different environments to explore - and mash up, since they're all fully destructible. Apparently we can expect "a visceral tactical brawling experience" as you make use of the "detailed context-sensitive fighting system" to smash everyone in the face.

You'll have to decide whether to charge up Hellboy's strikes so they pack an extra punch, or rely on his speed and agility to pummel opponents with a series of faster but less powerful blows. You can also pick up weapons, and even make your own - you might like to batter down a wall, for example, and then pick up a piece of the rubble and use it to lay the smackdown.

"Hellboy unleashes the raw power of the comic book icon with devastating hand to hand combat, an intricate grappling system and fully destructible environments," said Konami's Hans-Joachim Amann, who we doubt talks like this in real life.

"Followers of the comic book and movie will delight at controlling the sheer power their favourite sharp tongued hero offers, while fans of action games will immediately be drawn into the game's spectacular graphics and intuitive yet strategic gameplay."

Hellboy is out next year.

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