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Criterion announces two new games

Racing and shooting, from the people who brought you Burnout.

Guildford-based Criterion Games, the company responsible for the excellent Burnout series and sister studio to Renderware creators Criterion Software, has announced two new games in development.

Details of the titles are a bit thin on the ground, and sadly Burnout 3 is not one of them - but there's a racing title in there, called Dust Storm, and a first-person shooter called Black.

"Development on Black and Dust Storm has been well under way for some time," according to studio head Fiona Sperry, "and we are delighted with how both titles are progressing. These new games continue our philosophy of creating new console franchises based on our own original IP."

No details have emerged yet as to release dates or publishers for the titles, but given Criterion's use of its own Renderware technology, we'd rather expect to see them appearing on a number of different console platforms - cross-platform development being one of the strengths of middleware, after all.

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