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E3 2003: Namco's line-up

R: Racing Evolution, Soul Calibur 2, Time Crisis 3, Spawn, I-Ninja, Breakdown, kill.switch, Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime, Tales Of Symphonia

With only a few hours to spare, we've been enlightened on Namco's E3 line-up, with a bunch of titles that we know very little about. Top of our list to check out is R: Racing Evolution, which is hopefully better than the rather uninspiring screenshots suggest. IGN revealed earlier that the game features real-world licensed cars, 11 real tracks, and eight different race styles, including circuit, drag, rally and "more".

A 'Racing Life' mode is reportedly a cinematic, story-driven affair in which two female racers duke it out for the title. Meanwhile, the usual Time Attack, Arcade, and Versus modes figure, while Namco is making dubious noises about its "New Interactive Driver AI System". What, like the Emotion Engine?

PS2: R: Racing Evolution, Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime, I-Ninja, Spawn, Soul Calibur 2, kill.switch, Time Crisis 3.

Xbox: Breakdown, kill.switch, Soul Calibur 2, Spawn, R: Racing Evolution, Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime.

GameCube: Tales of Symphonia, Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime, I-Ninja, Spawn, Soul Calibur 2.

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