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Nintendo declares WFC a success

More than 200,000 unique users.

Nintendo has announced that more than 200,000 unique visitors have made use of its new Wi-Fi Connection service since last month's launch, logging nearly 3 million connections around the globe.

Wi-Fi Connection allows Nintendo DS owners to play titles such as Mario Kart DS and Tony Hawk DS online, via either Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless router or a special USB dongle.

The service launched alongside Mario Kart DS in the US on November 14th, with a European release following on November 25th. Since then, according to Nintendo, more than 45 per cent of DS owners have taken the game online.

So far, Nintendo has yet to confirm whether any third parties will publish games which make use of the Wi-Fi Connection service. The first party title, Animal Crossing: Wild World, is out today in the US, while Metroid Prime Hunters will hit the shops on March 20th.

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