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Phantasy Star Universe for Europe

It'll be in European and US stores next February, says good old Sega.

Next February will see the launch of Phantasy Star Universe in both North America and Europe on PS2 and PC.

The game is being billed as two RPGs for the price of one, since the online and offline modes are said to be very different.

The single-player game offers more than 40 hours of gameplay, and follows the adventures of a 17-year-old military cadet named Ethan Waber. He's on a mission to rescue his sister, who's been kidnapped by some kind of strange energy force known as THE SEED. Gosh.

The online game lets you create a brand new character from scratch, selecting the way they look from a wide range of alien races. There are three new planets to wander around, 15 bosses to defeat and a massive "overworld" with 20 different dungeons. Plus a selection of vehicles to choose from if you get bored of walking everwhere.

Sega says that you'll see hundreds of player-controlled characters on screen at the same time, and there will be a squad-based option if you want to be part of a team. There are also plans to offer downloadable content on an ongoing basis over the next few years.

"Phantasy Star has a rich history, both as a single-player RPG franchise and as an online multiplayer series," said Sega US executive Scott A. Steinberg.

"By fully supporting both gameplay modes in one package, we will be able to provide gamers with a fantasy role-playing experience of unprecedented depth."

Sega is expected to unveil more details of Phantasy Star Universe at this year's E3.

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