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Play music and movies on DS

Plus: lots of new PSP add-ons.

Datel has announced the lauch of the MAX Media Dock, a new peripheral that will allow you to play music and movies on your DS or DS Lite.

For £29.99, you get a DS cartridge which comes complete with the MAX Media Player. You also get a Media Dock for reading Compact Flash cards which slots into your handheld's GBA port.

Once they're both in place, you can play MP3s, stream video footage and view pictures on your DS - and you can also launch programs stored on the flash drive, which is good news for homebrew fans.

If you don't have a Compact Flash card, you can buy the MAX Media Dock bundled with a 1GB card for £54.99 - or with a 2GB card for £84.99.

Datel has also produced a MAX Media Dock for the PSP, which can be used with Compact Flash cards of up to 4GB. It comes complete with a media managment PC application so you can convert video files into a suitable format, such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4 and more. It's the same price as the DS version, and the same Compact Flash bundles are also available.

Alternatively, if you can stretch to £129, you might like to invest in Datel's 4GB PSP Hard Drive. It fits into the back of your handheld, and Datel reckons it'll store up to eight movies or 1000 songs. Or how about one of Datel's new MAX Memory cards, priced at £39.99 for the 1GB version or £69.99 for 2GB.

And finally, if you're fed up with the PSP's battery life, you may be interested in the Essential Power Duo Pack, which comes with two spare batteries - each offers up to ten hours of power per charge. It's out now, and it's yours for £29.99.

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