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Shogun Warrior for DS

Namco serves up a sizzling platter of real time strategy with a side order of touch screen battle plans and wireless multiplayer.

This October will see the release of Shogun Warrior: The Lost Army for Nintendo DS.

It's a real-time strategy game set in - you'll never guess - feudal Japan, and follows the adventures of two warring brothers who are determined to claim the honoured title of Shogun and do each other over at any cost.

So they set about amassing great big armies and plotting complex battle plans on the touch screen, whilst watching the action play out through detailed 3D graphics on the other one. And enjoying mini-games, which include duels, castle sieges and sea battles.

There's also a bit of diplomacy involved, and a wireless multiplayer mode for up to eight opponents. Screenshots here.

It's all designed to "deliver an all-new and innovative gameplay experience to handheld gamers," said some Namco bigwig or other, "While offering a rich and vibrant interpretation of feudal Japan." Hurrah.

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