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Championship Manager beta

Yours to download right now.

Calling all Championship Manager fans - the beta for the latest instalment in the series is now available for download.

Championship Manager 2006 will come packed with loads of new features, such as the Gameplan 3D match engine - which allows you to watch games play out like they do on TV - and a Highlight Filter.

You'll have the option to scout around the globe for new players, plus you can keep an eye on your opposition's progress and even observe how each individual player is performing. Talking to players will help you gain their trust, which in turn will make them play better - but don't let them down or there'll be trouble. And finally, if your club's in financial difficulties you'll be able to seek investment from a wealthy benefactor, but unless your team does well the money won't last for long.

Championship Manager 2006 is out on PC in the spring.

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