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Smackdown degrades itself

Which is a pretty interesting new concept.

Fans of SEX and BREASTS are in for a special TEAT this month when they STRIP the latest in the SCHLONG-running Smackdown series and STICK IT UP their PlayStation 2. As we learned when we COCKED an ear to our inbox yesterday, a new BRA & PANTIES mode will PENETRATE the traditional Smackdown formula, and the CLIMAX will COME when one of the girly wrestlers reaches an advanced state of undress. The WIENER will be the last lass wearing anything.

As the release puts it, "The game features an all-new BRA & PANTIES Mode, which means it’s not just the gloves that come off when the wrestlers hit the mat." It goes on. "By PUSHING ALL THE RIGHT BUTTONS, players can build up enough steam to PULL OFF special moves and get the girls pulling off each other's clothes." It concludes: "gentlemen gamers up and down the [...] country [wisely ignored -Ed] are bound to be found FURIOUSLY PUMPING THEIR ANALOGUE STICKS in appreciation."

We'll bring you a review of WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain [sounds like it -Ed] just as soon as we figure out how to get Stacy Keibler out of our PS2. The game is out on November 7th.

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