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Halo character in DOA4

But it isn't Master Chief?

Bungie's confirmed reports that a Halo character will appear in Tecmo's Xbox 360 launch title Dead or Alive 4. Neither company's been prepared to say who, but GameInformer, which originally ran the story, reckons it isn't the Master Chief.

Hoooowever, Bungie's webmaster also noted that this isn't the "surprising, cool, awesome Bungie-related announcement" we were told to expect this week, although it's not Halo 3 either so we're still guessing. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, here's what Bungie had to say about one of its characters appearing in DOA4: "Bungie has indeed been chatting with the good folks over at Team Ninja. We're huge fans of DOA and Ninja Gaiden, and when Team Ninja approached us with an intriguing idea, well, we were intrigued. Naturally. Tomonobu Itagaki's team is among the most talented in the games business, and we've SEEN the character in action. Words like, OMG, BBQ and Zoinks immediately come to mind. What they've done so far, is perfectly capture the essence of (insert crackpot theory here) and bring an element of Halo directly into the DOA world. It's cool. And by cool, I mean totally sweet.

"We're going to tell you lots more about how this idea came to fruition in a future update, and we'll tell you how this character fits into the Halo and DOA universe too. Don't worry, Team Ninja handled the fighting style, and we handled the story aspects. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the explanation for a Halo character in the DOA universe, even if it's a bit tongue in cheek."

Microsoft's X05 showcase takes place in Amsterdam today and tomorrow [Word Macro Of The Day there - Ed] and we'll be staying up to let you know if anything comes out of tonight's proceedings. Which it will, obviously - we're just wondering what. Feel free to speculate all you like.

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