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PS2 price cut coming soon

£129.99 within the month, and bundles aplenty on the way too...

£129.99 is set to be the new PlayStation 2 price within the next three to four weeks, sources told Eurogamer today, while a number of excellent value bundle deals are being lined up from early October all the way up to Christmas as the battle for consumer wallets intensifies.

All the packs are to be official Sony bundles and will be available while stocks last. The first pack will hit European shelves on October 8th, and will bundle the console with EG favourites Pro Evolution Soccer 2 and GTA: Vice City for an incredibly good value 229 Euros, or roughly £159.99 - a saving of up to £100 based on the full SRP of current high street prices.

Next up, on November 13th the Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time pack will emerge blinking into the daylight, and will also be priced at a tempting 209 Euros price point (approx £144.99), and demonstrates Sony's faith in the title as a killer app. We were certainly impressed when we saw the game at ECTS last week, although the camera needs to be sorted out, Ubi!

Another pack which will prove incredibly tempting to the mass market is the Eye Toy pack, which bundles the current Eye Toy pack, along with the forthcoming second volume of games, all for just 229 Euros (approx £159.99).

Finally, providing Polyphony can finish the PAL conversion in time, December 10th will see the release of a Gran Turismo 4 pack for just 209 Euros (£144.99).

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