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Mythic to work on Ultima Online

Announcement promised soon.

Just weeks after EA announced its acquisition of MMO developer Mythic, it's been revealed that the studio will be helping out with Ultima Online.

A statement on the UO website reads: "These are exciting days for MMORPG fans here at EA. With the acquisition of Mythic, the UO team will be working with the creative folks who brought us Dark Age of Camelot and are hard at work on the spectacular-looking Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning."

EA and Mythic still have a lot to talk about, apparently, and "It will take some time to review and finalise our plans.

"Because we need to take that time, we are postponing the announcement that we were going to make this week. The in-game fiction cycle will take a break for a bit and will return soon."

So just how much involvement will the Mythic lot have? And could it be that a whole new UO game is on the way? Those questions have yet to be answered, but we'll keep you posted...

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