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Project Zero movie 'fast-tracked'

Senor Spielbergo adds his touch.

The Fatal Frame (Project Zero) movie is being fast-tracked! Apparently Steven Spielberg (get me his non-union, Mexican equivalent!) is currently working with writer/producer John Rogers to finalise the script, a director will be announced soon and casting will begin a bit later. The question, then, is "who should play Miku?" or "why don't some of you go out and buy the flipping game, eh? It's cheap as chips!"

According to Rogers (who worked on The Core and is working on Catwoman - in which Halle Berry will be trussed up like a common feline), by focusing "on cool Japanese cultural additions and different ghost mythos most North American audiences are unfamiliar with, we can do something unique. None of the rules about the supernatural, the characters, or our audience apply in the Fatal Frame world."

Suddenly, a sharp pang of anxiety races through our minds, the Yankee doodle version of The Ring still swimming around our brains. Just don't cast Van Damme, eh? Or Bob Hoskins? In fact, Zero is simple and elegant - just push the buttons, register biscuit!

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