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Sony's Siren exposed

We're scared already.

SCEI's Siren got its first public showing outside of Japan at London's PlayStation Experience this year, and subsequently more details about the next title on the survival horror bandwagon have arisen.

The story revolves around the game's ten main characters and their quest to discover why the villagers of Hanyuda are turning into shambling zombies, and why the surrounding sea has turned a disturbing shade of red. Interestingly, you'll only start to get a true sense of what's going on by piecing together the stories of each character as you make your way through each episode, but the episodes will be a Pulp Fiction-style noggin-scratcher with episodes played out of chronological order as you try to figure out the game's timeline.

Also setting it apart from its peers is the ability to issue orders to allies, and the curious Sightjacking feature. Allowing you to see from ally and enemy points of view, we can imagine utilising non-player characters like organic security cameras, enabling you to plan safe routes through the zombie-infested village.

From what we've heard, the title is extremely unsettling and will likely send late-night players into a mentally unsound state. Expect us to hand this to Tom for review when it arrives next year then - his mental state of disrepair makes him ideal for the job.

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