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From readies Horror title

Nebula - Echo Night is its name.

We love our horror adventures here at EG, and the news that From Software is working on Nebula - Echo Night fills us with love and joy.

The game sounds faintly bonkers, taking place in the 'near' future, when the jet set fly between planets and build colonies on the moon. Apparently you take control of Richard, who's travelling through space (as you do) with his financé Claudia on the way to a ceremony. Maybe they're getting married. We know not, it's badly translated.

Anyway, as is the way of things in these luckless videogames, the Space Jet they're travelling in has to make an emergency landing on the moon, and - guess what? - they're the only survivors. Donning space suits, they bounce out in the inky blackness of the moon surface (hey, should make the graphics rendering easy) and find their way to the moon base to get help.

Once in the facility, you'll hook up with various 'Revenants' (whatever they are), and according to the translation 'you can only calm down the revenant's soul by realizing its unaccomplished desires'. Spooky.

The screenshots certainly look very atmospheric, reminding us of dark adventure classic The Dig brought up to date, with a smattering of Project Zero for good measure. It's out this Winter on PS2 only, and we might even import it and let you know what it's like. We're like that.

Source: The Magic Box

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