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Medal of Honor advances again

I am Jake's pilfered tank.

EA is currently working on extending the Medal of Honor franchise on the Game Boy Advance, announcing Medal of Honor Infiltration as next title from the popular series to arrive on the platform, following in the footsteps of MoH Underground. The brand new game will take the form of a top-down action title, and sees the player as lone soldier Corporal Jake Murphy infiltrating and sabotaging enemy bases, and letting rip with a stolen tank.

The game takes place across five missions set in some of WWII's famous conflicts, and although only five missions seems a little stingy to us, MoHI does support multiplayer via GBA link-up and will unlock a "map feature" in MoH Rising Sun on the GameCube. You should be able to get your hands on Medal of Honor Infiltration around Autumn time.

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