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Tourist Trophy arriving in May

Courtesy of Polyphony Digital.

Sony has announced that Tourist Trophy, the motorbike racer from the people who brought you Gran Turismo, will be heading to European PS2s this spring.

Tourist Trophy - the Real Riding Simulator features 35 circuits, both real life and made up, including the Laguna Sega, Nürburgring and Valencia. There are more than 180 licensed sports bikes from the world's leading manufacturers, including the Honda CBR1100xx, Yamaha's 1980 RZ250, the Aprilia RSV1000R and the Ducati 999R.

Each bike has been recreated down to the finest detail, with authentic cockpits, handling and engine noise. You also get a healthy selection of customisable riding gear to choose from, including licensed helmets.

Arcade mode is ideal for a quick fix, while Tourist Trophy Mode is all about collecting bikes and gear as you race through more than 20 events. Photo mode lets you take photos of your favourite bike and print them out, providing if you've got the right kind of USB printer.

Tourist Trophy is out in May.

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