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Capcom plans Devil May Cry movie

Not to mention Onimusha, Mega Man, as well as making more games based on movies.

A Devil May Cry movie is in the works, Capcom has announced this week, adding to a plethora of film projects based on its hit franchises, including Onimusha, Mega Man, and of course, Resident Evil.

Details on the movie based on half demon/half human Dante's adventures are non existent currently, but we're anticipating a flick of such Gothic splendour that we've already heard rumours that The Mission and the Sisters Of Mercy are planning comeback tours to celebrate.

The question is, who has the chiselled good looks and razor sharp fop-top hair to carry the lead part off? We're quite sure Capcom's budget doesn't extend to Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, (having only raked in $23 million on the last Res Evil movie) but maybe they'd do it for the love? Suggestions, as ever are welcome.

Elsewhere, you'll have already heard that Onimusha is coming out in 2006 as a live action movie, while an animated Mega Man movie is also in the planning stage.

Jumping on the safe bandwagon of producing games based on movies, Capcom has also announced its intentions to focus more of its resources on this area of the market, although has wisely opted to continue popular movie's 'universes' as opposed to trying to shoehorn a game onto an otherwise unsuitable film plot. Rather like its forthcoming The Nightmare Before Christmas game, in fact.

This move is hardly surprising for Capcom, which has suffered several setbacks of late - not least having to cull over 20 games from its schedule earlier this year, as well as its decision to align itself with Nintendo exclusively backfiring spectacularly. Earlier this week it was forced to make a humbling about turn over Resident Evil 4's Cube exclusivity, and will now be releasing the game on the PS2 after all, albeit nine months later.

More news on Capcom's movie ambitions as we get it.

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