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FlatOut PC demo now available

You've read the review, now see what the fuss is about...

A PC demo of Bugbear's excellent racing title Flatout has been made available for download on NVIDIA's nZone website.

Weighing in at 171MB, the demo includes two tracks and one car, as well as a ragdoll sports minigame. Pat reviewed it just the other day on Xbox and observed that the physics-heavy racer was a "hair's breadth away from being legendary", and awarded it a highly commendable 8/10 score - which as regular readers will know is pretty generous from us.

The full game comes out this Friday on PC, Xbox and PS2 via Empire Interactive and features 48 tracks and events, with "groundbreaking physics, unique and innovative mini-games and ragdoll drivers".

Jussi Laakkonen of Finnish dev team Bugbear commented: “There has been a huge response to FlatOut from fans around the world. That support has been a great boost to the team morale through out the project, so we wanted to express our gratitude to the fans by creating the demo” .

According to NVIDIA's dev relations chap Darryl Still "We have been working closely with Bugbear Entertainment for over a year on this project and, as the time has progressed, this title has grown into one of the most entertaining, varied and dynamic titles we've seen here for some time."

Really. It's good - check it out.

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