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Commandos FPS spin-off Strike Force revealed

A WWII-based shooter? Surely not!

Commandos Strike Force has been confirmed as the name of Pyro's first person shooter spin off to its popular RTS franchise - due for release next year on PC, PS2 and Xbox via long-term publishing partner Eidos.

The first details indicate that the game will again be a team based affair, comprising of three - rather than the usual four - special operations troops, again each with their own specialist abilities. The lantern jawed Green Beret makes a return, and will be accompanied by a sleuthy spy and sharp shooting sniper, with each available to the player at any given time.

Eidos fancies the game will have a more "open-ended" approach to the FPS, with a promising progression system that solely depends on the choices you make throughout the game. How this will work in practice we'll have to wait and see, but it's certainly the chalk to EA's cheese of the ostensibly linear design inherent in its Medal Of Honor titles.

The single player campaign will form the main meat of the game and take place in interconnected missions based in Russia, France and Norway, with plenty of AI-assisted allies helping you out during your adventures. Multiplayer is for up to eight players only (although it's not clear if the PC will be more expansive in this respect) and allows gamers to collaborate in certain co-op missions, which sounds good to us. Other undisclosed multiplayer modes are planned.

With details still thin on the ground, we'll bring you more on this as the Eidos PR machine grinds into life.

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