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Wii news coming on Sept 15

Price and date, most likely.

Nintendo has confirmed to our sister site, GamesIndustry.biz, that new details regarding the Wii will be revealed on September 15th in Europe - and we'll eat our remote controllers if that isn't also the the day they choose to announce the price and launch date.

Speaking on the subject of the event, to which only top industry types have been invited, and us, an NoE representative said: "Wii will be playable. Nintendo will be announcing new software at the event and there will be new announcements regarding the Wii console itself."

Nintendo is holding a similar event in the US on September 14th, where it’s expected that our old chum Reggie Fils-Aime will reveal price and launch details for round that way.

The representative went on to quash rumours regarding possible production delays apparently due to difficulties with manufacturing that fancy new remote - as reported by a website which got it off another website which has got a mate works down the factory no honest though it's true though swear on my baby cousin's life.

"The reports are entirely rumour and speculation. I can confirm that the Wii is very much on course for a Q4 release, as Nintendo originally stated," the spokesperson said.

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