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New Xbox noise suppression function will mute your breathing

Lose my breath.

A new noise suppression feature is available now on Xbox Series X/S to remove unwanted noises in voice chat.

That includes the clicking of gamepad buttons, unnecessary background noise, and yes, the sound of your breathing.

The feature can be enabled or disabled in the Options part of the Parties & Chats section of the guide.

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To be fair, nobody likes a heavy breather in the midst of online gaming so it's a welcome feature.

The update also allows players to jump straight into a game from the shared captures of friends.

This is only possible through cloud gaming on mobile devices or PC, and some games require Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for cloud gaming.

Elsewhere the Xbox app will soon receive an update to its search function, allowing users to find games far more easily through a new algorithm.

It's currently in beta and is set to launch fully soon.

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