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New Terminator game coming

To coincide with next film.

It's been announced that a videogame tie-in for PC, consoles and mobiles is set to launch alongside the next Terminator film in 2009.

Like the movie it will be titled Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. The Halcyon Corporation, which owns the rights to the Terminator franchise, is forming a new division to develop the game.

"When you own the intellectual property and have the creative control, you can make sure you're publishing a top-tier videogame that will satisfy the needs of the marketplace," said acting CEO Peter Levin.

Apparently work started on the game several months ago and a member of the development team has been working alongside the production crew in Budapest, where the movie is being shot, since the start.

"We don't want the game to be the stepchild to the film," said Halcyon exec Derek Anderson. "They're of equal importance, and we want both to be of the same quality and be the same compelling experience."

And Terminator isn't the only tie-in they've got planned. Halcyon also has first-look rights to the works of Philip K. Dick, him what did Blade Runner, and plans to release games based on his books, beginning in 2010.

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