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New Rock Band 3 update detailed

Game-breaking eyebrow glitch fixed.

Rock Band 3 gets a hefty new title update today, developer Harmonix has announced.

Among the fixes for the barnstormingly brilliant rhythm action epic, is a patch for a game-breaking bug that causes a crash if you choose "a particular eyebrow asset" in the character customisation screen.

That's clearly the headliner, but there are a number of other gameplay tweaks included too. Here's the full list, as published on the game's official forum:

Gameplay changes:

  • The audio distortion (also referred to as a buzz, hiss, or squawk) that some PS3 Keyboard players experienced has been addressed.
  • For users experiencing trouble deploying Vocal Overdrive in certain audio setups, OD can now be deployed using the Back button on the controller. NOTE: this only works while in a valid Overdrive deploy section.
  • Overdrive can now be deployed using a Pedal with both the Mustang Pro Guitar and the Keyboard peripherals.
  • Scoring is disabled after a song has been paused multiple times (this prevent players from artificially inflating scores using the pause function).
  • The translucency of the track surface has been adjusted to make note gems are easier to see against the venue backgrounds.
  • Based on fan feedback, limited functionality for the Stage kit has been added to Rock Band 3. Please note that this 3rd-party peripheral is no longer officially supported, so we cannot guarantee full functionality with every file format (RB3, Pro-DLC), but basic functions should be reenabled.

Online changes:

  • PS3 Voice Chat not properly working with headsets has been remedied.
  • Audio no longer distorts for remote players when whammying sustains in an online session.
  • To prevent blank tracks from appearing in online multiplayer, all members in an online multiplayer band must own the Pro upgrades to play a song with DLC pro upgrades.

Music library and store changes:

  • Pro Guitar songs now sort themselves into the correct difficulty tiers.
  • Pro upgrade availability will now be more accurately reflected in the Music Store.
  • The following songs are now correctly appearing in the Music Library: Anvil – 666; Anvil - Metal on Metal; Anvil - This is Thirteen; Dinosaur Jr - Pick Me Up; Dinosaur Jr - The Wagon; Guess Who, The - Hand Me Down World; Guess Who, The - No Time; Tenacious D - Rock Your Socks; Avenged Sevenfold – Afterlife

Practice mode changes:

  • An issue that prevented holding sustain notes on keys in the trainers has been addressed
  • Breakneck Speed now works in Practice Mode.

Crash fixes:

  • Fixed a Character Creator crash related to a particular eyebrow asset or the generation of a random character.
  • Fixed assorted minor crashes, as well as minor scoring and text bugs.

Bear in mind these changes only apply to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Harmonix pointed at that title updates aren't possible on Wii.

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