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New PAL Releases Roundup - 08/04/2010

Sakura Wars! ME2 DLC! Plain Sight!

We've seen some great games released already this year. It's been a great start. But that momentum's dropped this week and there's barely a scrap to recommend.

What there is, however, is Sakura Wars: So Long My Love, a Wii RPG with strong credentials. At the helm are SEGA and Idea Factory, whose anime world of robots in a Wild West setting has impressed some but not all reviewers.

There aren't any plans for a Eurogamer review at the moment, although that could change should there be a strong EG reader uprising, no pressure.

Mass Effect 2 grew again this week with the addition of Kasumi - Stolen Memory, an add-on that introduces master thief Kasumi Goto and some much needed comedy to the space opera. Our Mass Effect 2 DLC review has our thoughts on Kasumi and the Firewalker Pack.

There were no new games on Xbox Live Arcade this week as Microsoft rolled out the USB memory support patch for the console. However, those that haven't played Fallout 3 or Fable II might consider a Games on Demand download for only £20. Both are well worth the asking price.

EA's impressive-looking browser-based game Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online went live this week and turned out not to be free. We'll look more closely at this in the coming weeks.

We'll also take a proper look at Plain Sight, Beatnik's multiplayer game about suicidal ninja robots. Check back early next week for a review, or head over to Steam and fork out £8 if your mind's already made up.

In shops this week you'll find a boxed two-pack of Borderlands DLC, which includes the excellent additions The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. The RRP (£15) is slightly higher than what you'd pay online.

Another boxed-but-not-new arrival is Torchlight, which has been available online since last year. This is the Diablo-like cartoon-style action-RPG that's gathered a strong following. Eurogamer's Torchlight review will tell you more.

The European PSN Store update is expected later, and the DSiWare/WiiWare/Virtual Console update tomorrow.

Please, if you can see that we've missed something, let us know.

Out this week in shops:

  • Sakura Wars: So Long My Love (Wii)
  • Borderlands DLC add-on bundle (PS3, 360)
  • Torchlight (PC)

Out this week online:

  • Mass Effect 2: Kasumi - Stolen Memory (Xbox 360) - £6.80/€9.60
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online (PC)
  • Plain Sight (PC) - £8
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