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New Knack trademark filed by Sony

Knack, Knack! Who's there?

Sony has reportedly filed a new trademark for its Knack series.

The trademark was filed in Japan on the 17th of March, with the filing made public today (nice spot, Gematsu).

The filing itself doesn't give much away - in fact it is literally just the word Knack - but it has started speculation that Sony may be gearing up to release a third installment to its platformer series.

However, please do not get your hopes up too far. While this could be a sign that Knack 3 is coming, there is also every chance that this is all just a bit of housekeeping from Sony.

After all, many companies have recently been updating their trademarks of late. This includes Nintendo, who last week renewed its trademarks for The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap and Metroid: Zero Mission, among others.

While many are excited about a potential Knack trilogy, Eurogamer was less enthused by its debut than some.

In their 2013 review of Knack, Tom Bramwell wrote: "Knack lacks the originality, interesting mechanics and strong level design that might have elevated it to the standard of a Super Mario game - or even one of the better Ratchet & Clanks.

"Instead, it feels more like a polished version of the sort of licensed movie tie-in THQ used to churn out to meet cinematic release dates."

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