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New Halo 4 info spills from retailer quiz

10 new weapons! 2 new vehicles! 50 Spartan Ops missions spread over 10 weeks! And is that clan support?

New Halo 4 information has been revealed by a retailer quiz.

Microsoft's ExpertZone website, designed to teach retailers about its products, contains a quiz that reveals new details on the Xbox 360 shooter. Before presenting the quiz the website provides the reader with a number of slides about the game. LittleEnglishHaloblog rounded up the information contained within them.

It confirms that Halo 4 includes 10 new weapons. Two of these were showcased during Microsoft's E3 press conference earlier this month: the The Light rifle is a Forerunner weapon carried by Promethean Knights, and the Scattershot, also a Forerunner weapon, is used for close-range combat.

There are two new vehicles "plus many of your favourites from the past". These two new vehicles remain under wraps for now.

Also mentioned is "improved support to create, organise and track groups". Fans have speculated this indicates Halo 4 has clan support - although this remains unconfirmed.

On the War Games front (competitive multiplayer) the game includes 10 maps. DLC will, as expected, add more.

On to Spartan Ops, Halo 4's eye-catching DLC TV episode style experience. Here, 50 missions will be released per season - five missions every week for a total of 10 weeks for season one. These missions are introduced, according to the quiz, with a "high-quality! Cinematic. Season one of Spartan Ops is completely free. "How many games give you free DLC for 10 weeks?" it asks, before suggested the offer adds up to 12 hours of gameplay in either single-player or co-op multiplayer. "It's like getting two campaigns with one game!"

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