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New El Shaddai is a spin-off social game

Not El Shaddai 2.

The new El Shaddai project teased by UTV Ignition last month is a social game for mobiles.

According to the official website (via GameSpot), it's called El Shaddai Social Battle, due out on the Gree social platform. Not, then, El Shaddai 2.

In it you have a party of three angles and complete turn-based quests as you climb up a tower. You're encouraged to partner with other players along the way.

There's no word on a release date, and it's unclear whether the game will launch in the West, but Gree, the Japanese mobile and social gaming platform, launches in Europe at some point April to June, so you never know.

El Shaddai launched in the UK in September 2011 off the back of a 9/10 Eurogamer import review.

"El Shaddai has everything you could ever want from a Japanese game," wrote Keza MacDonald. "It has a transforming robot made out of motorbikes, a moonwalking dance master throwing shapes in front of the screen whilst you try desperately to fend off his minions, doves with boxing gloves for heads that gently but assertively butt you out of the air mid-jump, and so much more."

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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

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