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New DS Kirby game detailed

Nintendo's pink platformer returns.

The first details have emerged of a new Kirby game for the DS.

Due out in Japan before the end of the year, Atsumete! Kirby – which, according to 1Up, translates as Gather! Kirby – sees Nintendo's pink mascot head in a new direction following this year's relatively straightforward Wii effort Kirby's Epic Yarn.

While it's still a side-scrolling platformer, this time around you'll be controlling up to 10 Kirbies at once, depending on how many items of fruit you've collected in a given stage.

You'll control your puffy pink herd by tapping on the screen with the stylus, or double tapping to make them run.

Using this control scheme you'll navigate your way around traditional side-scrolling levels, while sticking the boot into various evil critters. Should one of your Kirbies kick the bucket, you can direct any survivors to grab their spirit before it ascends to the heavens.

There's no word on whether the game will head West, though it's a rare Kirby title that doesn't make it to these shores at some point.

This isn't the only outing on the horizon for the pink blob. Nintendo also showed off a trailer for a new Wii platformer earlier this year during an investor report.

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Gather! Kirby (TBC)

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